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Investing Your Money Properly

Two Ways Testimony By A Bail Agent Can Help Your Bail Reduction Case

by Penny Evans

Judges order defendants to pay bail to ensure they show up for court appearances, but sometimes the judges get carried away and set the amount at levels defendants can't afford. Luckily, you can request a bail reduction hearing to get the ordered amount reduced, but you may need testimony from various experts to convince the judge to do it. Here's how a bail bond agent can help in this situation.

Provide Professional Opinion About Flight Risk

There are a couple of reasons why a judge may set bail at an amount he or she knows the defendant can't afford. Sometimes it's to prevent someone who represents a danger to the community from being released. Most times, though, the judge is concerned the defendant will attempt to flee or won't show up to court as required. Thus, the judge will set bail high to either keep the person in jail or provide the individual with a financial incentive to attend all trial dates.

In the latter situation, you will have to convince the judge you're not a flight risk and that you'll make your court appearances. A bail bond agent can assist with this aspect of your case by providing the court with his or her professional opinion about the likelihood you'll jump bail.

Bondsmen work with many different types of people and develop a good sense of how a defendant will behave when released. The judge may be swayed by the bail agent's testimony, especially if the company will be securing your bail since it will have a lot to lose if you don't show.

Be sure to have someone who has a lot of experience as a bail agent testify on your behalf. The longer a person has been working in the industry, the more he or she will be seen as a reliable expert.

Provide Assurance of Recovery

Another thing that may convince the judge to reduce your bail is if the bond agent can show he or she is capable of finding and returning you to jail if you do attempt to take off. This can assure the judge that, one way or another, you'll attend all your court appointments as required so the case can be resolved.

The judge will take the bail agents years of service into consideration, as well as the person's experience locating and apprehending fugitives. When shopping around for a bail agent to help with your case, be sure to inquire about this aspect of their work.

For more information about having a bondman testify at your bail reduction hearing, or to secure bail for yourself or a loved one, contact your local bail bonding services.