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I still remember the first bad financial decision I ever made. My seven-year-old buddy told me that if I lent him a few dollars, he would pay me back ten a few weeks later. Unfortunately, he forgot all about his debt, and I was left without my allowance. Although it might seem like a silly example, bad financial decisions like that one plague adults everyday. I have had my fair share, and so I decided to create a blog dedicated to helping you to invest your money properly. Before you take your hard-earned money and throw it at a cause, think about the advice on my website to make a great decision.

Investing Your Money Properly

4 Must-Haves For A Successful Payday Loan Application

by Penny Evans

Do you need a payday loan? If so, there is no need to worry about a long and complicated application process. In fact, compared to bank and many other loans, the application process is far more straightforward. Yet, there is still some information you will need to provide to verify your identity and improve your chance of approval. Before you look for a loan, learn about some of the common requirements so that you're prepared.

1. Proof of Age

You are required to prove your age. All states have age guidelines for obtaining certain types of loans, and payday loans are no exception to the rule. For example, if the age limit in your state is 18, you must have a valid government-issued ID that notates your date of birth. If you don't have this information, you need to collect it before you apply, or your application will be denied. 

2. Home Location Information

A payday loan is a legal contract. In the same respect that you need to obtain the funds, the payday lender also needs to have confidence that you will return the money as agreed. A part of ensuring the obligation is met is collecting your address. Keep in mind; you typically can't just tell the lender your address. You need to provide some documentation that proves you reside at the address, such as a utility bill. 

3. Pay Verification

Payday loans are unique in that they are based on the amount of income you typically earn. So, without questions, you need to provide a pay document in order for the lender to determine what amount of loan you qualify for. In addition to the amount of your pay, the lender will also review the document to determine the frequency of your pay to determine your repayment schedule. 

4. Deposit Details

Payday loans are often delivered to you via a direct deposit. Valid banking information that includes your routing and checking account numbers is often necessary. The lender will use this information to issue you the funds, but also to set up withdrawals for the repayment process. To simplify matters, some lenders will even allow you to set up payments via debit card, so ensure you learn about your different options. 

Make sure you speak directly with the lender you plan to secure the loan with. Every company has different processes, and therefore, their loan steps might be different. Get an understanding ahead of time to avoid any future mishaps. For more information, check out a website like http://www.advanceucash.com/ today.