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Investing Your Money Properly

Need A Bail Bondsman? 4 Ways To Help You Choose The Right One

by Penny Evans

If your spouse has recently been arrested and they're being held in police custody, you want to arrange for their release as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, you'll need to wait for the judge to set bail. Once bail has been set, you'll be able to start working on your spouse's release. If you can't afford to pay the entire bail amount in cash, you'll need to arrange for a bail bond release. Bail bonds allow you to post your loved ones bail when you don't have all the cash. However, it's important that you work with the right bail bond agency. Here are four steps that will help you choose the right agency to work with.

Read Customer Reviews

If you need to find a bail bond agency, the first thing to do is to read the reviews. If there are negative reviews, you'll want to dig a little deeper. Negative reviews don't automatically mean that you should avoid a particular agency. Some of the negative reviews will have been posted by people who are angry at the outcome of their loved one's trial. Instead, look for reviews that deal with the timeliness of the process, or the ease of which bail bond staff worked with families to secure bonds.

Speak to Other Families

If you're not sure where to turn for information regarding bail bonds, turn to other families inside the courthouse. You should be able to find families who have already gone through the bail bond process. These people can provide you with vital information, such as which agencies are open 24-hours, or which ones are available to answer your questions.

Consult With Your Attorney

If you haven't been able to find families to speak to and the reviews have not been helpful, consult with your loved one's attorney. They'll have information that can help you choose a bail bond agency for your loved one. In most cases, they can point you in the direction of an agency that provides quick action for bail bonds, as well as agencies that allow assistance with payment plans. Payment plans are essential, especially when bail is set excessively high.

Ask Court Detention Officers

If you're still having trouble finding a bail bond agency, ask the court detention officers. These are the officers who will be in the court room. They can provide you information regarding bail bond revocation rates. They can also provide you with details about the bond agencies that are used most often by other families.

Contact an agency, like Alda Pauline's Bail Bonds, to learn more.