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I still remember the first bad financial decision I ever made. My seven-year-old buddy told me that if I lent him a few dollars, he would pay me back ten a few weeks later. Unfortunately, he forgot all about his debt, and I was left without my allowance. Although it might seem like a silly example, bad financial decisions like that one plague adults everyday. I have had my fair share, and so I decided to create a blog dedicated to helping you to invest your money properly. Before you take your hard-earned money and throw it at a cause, think about the advice on my website to make a great decision.

Investing Your Money Properly

Online Credit Monitoring Tools Help You Fix Errors

by Penny Evans

If you are applying for a loan, credit card, or mortgage, you know the value of a high credit score. When your score is not up to par, it can leave you in the dust. You will look like a less-than-stellar borrower, which means you could miss out. With the help of online credit monitoring tools, you can spot errors that can make it more difficult for you to get the loan you need. Here's how you can fix those errors.

You Should Be Checking Your Credit Regularly

Even if you do not check your credit score regularly, you should be looking at your reports. Your reports indicate your entire credit history, and it can show whether you are a good potential borrower or not. Errors can pop up at random, and you need to be aware of what your report says. So, how often should you be checking your record? One thing to keep in mind is that you can get one credit report for free from each of the three credit agencies. Feasibly, you can get a new credit report every four months.

You should also be requesting your credit report if you suspect somebody has stolen your credit or you receive notice that somebody is taking action against you. This will help you make decisions that can impact your future. Other tools allow you to check your reports constantly. Online tools can scan your report and inform you anytime something new emerges, something that you need to know about.

You Should Dispute Any Errors You Find

In order to dispute something that you find via one of these tools, you need to inform the agency about the error. You should do this in writing, or you can do so via the online portal the credit reporting agency offers. This will lead to a brief investigation. You could see an improvement to your credit score as a result.

You have a lot of rights as a consumer, and it is important that you understand the impact errors can have. Online monitoring helps you stay updated on your rights so that you can actually use them.

Invest in Online Credit Monitoring Tools

Online credit monitoring tools help you spot errors on your credit report so that they do not impact your future. The sooner you fix these errors, the sooner you can move toward getting the credit cards and loans that you need to be successful. Look into online credit monitoring tools to learn more about what's available.